The Association has as its constituent members eligible European organisations that are of a national character and are officially recognised in any European country as representing pig breeders or pig producers of that country and which undertake to comply with the provisions of this Charter.



The objectives of this Association are to work towards pig genetic development and improved pig breeding and production, to advance the economic interests of pig farmers in member countries and to promote the interests of its members in appropriate representations and actions.

The Association, which is non-profit making, has unlimited terms of reference relative to European pig breeding and production with special reference to the following aims:

  • to inform the members about the situation of pig breeding and pig production in the members country
  • to encourage the accumulation, exchange and spread of all information pertainig to the pig breeding
  • to promote the genetic improvement of pig herds
  • to research or commission research on all problems concerning improvement in pig breeding and production and economy of pig production, preparing proposals, plans, policies and documents in the common interest of its members
  • to ensure that the interests of its members are promoted and that the views of the Association are presented at all appropriate levels.
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